Our Promise

  • Deliver only solutions that make the most sense for your business, never to prioritize the sale over the actual needs of your business.
  • To stay on the bleeding-edge of technology. Constant focus on integrating new internal technologies and certifications.
  • To stick to what we are experts at, and nothing else. We know who we are and we don’t try to be anyone else.
  • Deliver unmatched service-level and response times.

Our Focus

When it comes to security, no corners are cut at UpTime Sciences. Our focus is in protecting our clients in ways that the government can’t. A 24x7 ‘eyes on the perimeter’ approach allows for instant notification and response delivered by the best in the business. Internal monitoring of all client assets covers the inside.

Reach Out

UpTime Sciences is comprised of certified, industry-leading IT professionals with proven Enterprise-level experience. By lowering the initial and ongoing costs associated with complex deployments, we believe everyone can utilize technology to its fullest potential.

The Engineering, IT Support, and Unified Communication teams at UpTime Sciences have experience designing and implementing complex solutions for numerous mid-market and enterprise organizations nationally. Our continual investment in internal technology, low overhead, and ability to offer direct partner pass-through savings allow each of our clients to save money while greatly reducing their time spent dealing with the inefficiencies of technical disruptions.

The need for Advanced Technologies in the effort to gain, or maintain, a competitive advantage is critical in today's marketplace. UpTime Sciences was created in to remove the barriers that previously prevented all but the largest companies from employing top-notch technologies to grow or enhance their business. Our sole focus is to successfully deploy affordable, efficient and intelligent information systems - evening the technology playing field between small businesses and larger multi-national corporations.

Serving Clients Nationwide

Business Voice HQ
Seattle WA

UpTime Sciences HQ
Eugene OR

Portland Office
Portland OR

Security Operations Center
Scottsdale AZ