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Technical disruptions kill productivity. Companies take a fiscal loss every second an employee spends troubleshooting, patching, or configuring. Our team actively monitors, fixes, and automates many of the frustrations that chip away at your bottom line. Tasks that formerly required multiple tech hours on-site can now be handled in minutes across hundreds or thousands of machines simultaneously. UpTime’s IT Managed Services will act as a turnkey IT department, enabling your company to benefit from a collaborative team knowledgebase, comprised of numerous technical backgrounds- all at a cost lower than hiring a single IT guy. UpTime Science’s commitment to investing in the latest software enables network monitoring and self-healing capabilities that proactively resolve issues before they result in a productivity loss. When help is needed click or call and have a technician immediately resolving any IT issue.
UpTime Science’s IT Managed Service clients lean heavily on their appointed Virtual CIO to deep-dive into critical business technology planning quarterly, necessary for retaining a competitive edge. UpTime Sciences is the answer for enterprise-level technical support without the cost. Reach out now for a breakdown of the numerous benefits and cost savings.
Avoid the hassle of recruiting and hiring in a competitive (and expensive) landscape with a frustrating 30%+ turnover. UpTime’s investments in people and technology allow you to save money and focus on growing your business.

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  • Automates patching, best-practice monitoring settings, configurations, and installs antivirus
  • Complete visibility into the health and performance of each asset on the network
  • Powerful executive, technical, and assessment reports
  • Instant access to numerous IT technicians
  • Huge savings and increases in worker productivity throughout
  • An end to IT frustration & bottlenecks


Disasters happen. Cloud-based backup servers keep your environment up-and-running within 15 minutes of a disaster. This service is a must have. Reach out and learn more.

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Cloud productivity

Greatly enhance the mobility, availability and stability of your business. Adding Video conferencing can increase collaboration between staff, leveraging Closed-Circuit messaging can keep employees from transmitting sensitive data, Mobile Device Management can ensure your employees are where they are supposed to be and will protect their devices should they fall into the wrong hands. UpTime brings these technologies together seamlessly so our clients get the most out of their technology without having to worry about putting the pieces together themselves.

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Share documents, create libraries, and publish content to the public easily from a cloud-based console. Let social networking-type tools keep employees engaged and aware so they can be informed and productive anywhere in the world.

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